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The Alien Baby in Finland

Hannu Blommila is the guy who was brave enough to translate Jeff VanderMeer's short stories to Finnish - not to mention doing an article and interview about Jeff to Tähtivaeltaja-zine

Jukka Halme is the famous squidologist, whose books include An Annotated Bibliography of References Pertaining to the Biology, Fisheries, and Management of Squids, Squid Strandings, and "There are Giants in the River": Monsters and Mysteries of the River Moth

The green alien baby keeps close watch as Toni Jerrman is working on the lay-out materials for Tähtivaeltaja's Jeff VanderMeer article, ready to jump and kill in any violation of Jeff's visions

Hannu, Jukka and Toni thank the green alien baby for visiting Finland and being the protector of Tähtivaeltaja-minicon

Green alien baby protects the entrance to Tähtivaeltaja-minicon from non-essential hooligans. The minicon was held on 16th of November 2002 in Lord Hotel, Helsinki, Finland to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tähtivaeltaja-semiprozine. The Guest of Honours were Alastair Reynolds and Spanish writer Ray Loriga

Alastair Reynolds, the writer of Revelation Space, Chasm City and Redemption Ark, has found a new best friend

Alastair Reynolds tries to pick the green alien baby's brains for ideas to his Guest of Honour speech at Tähtivaeltaja-minicon