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The Alien Baby in Antarctica

Henry Kaiser, renowned musician, recently left for Antarctica for a three- or four-month stint. The alien baby, being a fan of both Kaiser and cold places, decided to tag along. Kaiser's been nice enough to take photos of the alien baby in Antarctica - and the alien baby's taken a few shots of Henry, as well. Among the more thrilling experiences for the alien baby has been being lowered 1,300 feet below the ice overnight. Impervious to extremes of temperature, the alien baby found the experience invigorating. (Thanks to Paul Larsen for letting this particular alien baby make the trek...)

The photos in this particular series, except for the Mount Erebus photo, were taken by KATY JENSEN, South Pole Station Manager.

For more information on Henry Kaiser and his Antarctica adventure, visit his Web site at: www.kff.org/docs/about/henrykaiser.html.

For more alien baby photos, visit www.kff.org/docs/about/henrykaiser/journalsix.html.