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By World Fantasy Award winner Jeff VanderMeer
With an introduction by the legendary Michael Moorcock

A SF Site Book of the Year
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A Publishers Weekly Book of the Year

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Jeff VanderMeer, Author
email: vanderworld at
POB 4248
Tallahassee, FL 32315 USA

Chris Artis, Bantam Publicist (for the United States and Canada)
cartis at (212/782-9037)

Claire Weaver, Author Publicist (for United Kingdom only)


The official site for information about the Ambergris milieu.
The author's official site, with news and upcoming events sections.

Bantam-Spectra information about the book.



Jeff has several presentations/lectures that he has given at such venues as the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis, the Brisbane Writers Festival in Australia, and the World Fantasy Convention. These include:

  • Short readings from his fiction
  • Experimental Fiction workshop
  • Fantasy lecture
  • Fantasy Fiction workshop
  • Gentle Art of Self-Promotion workshop
  • City of Saints & Madmen: A Rough Guide to Ambergris (multi-media presentation).

Please email Jeff if you are interested in having him appear at your venue or bookstore.



“In the hands of a brilliant writer like Jeff VanderMeer, writing fantasy can be a means of serious artistic expression. In VanderMeer’s hands, it is also playful, poignant, and utterly, wildly, imaginative.”  - Peter Straub

“Unsettling, erudite, dark, shot through with unexpected humor. Ambergris is one of my favorite haunts in fiction.” – China Mieville

'This is fiction to stand alongside that of Calvino and Borges.' - The Guardian

'VanderMeer can be both terrifying and hilarious. He is a master of the implied back story... This is just a very, very
strange book, and an essential one too.' - Time Out

'Fearless inventiveness and compelling strangeness. Angela Carter would have loved this book.' - Rikki Ducornet

'Marvelously dark and grotesque... VanderMeer's creation of his world is complex and convincing.' - Review of Contemporary Fiction





City of Saints & Madmen Bantam Press Release

City of Saints Cover

City of Saints thumbnail
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About the Author

Jeff VanderMeer is a two-time winner of the World Fantasy Award, and has made the year's best lists of Publishers Weekly, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Weekly, Publishers' News, and His fiction has been shortlisted for Best American Short Stories and appeared in several year’s best anthologies. Books by VanderMeer are forthcoming from Bantam, Pan Macmillan, and Tor.

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Author Photos
Please credit the photographer when using any of these photos.

VanderMeer Headshot
By Beth Gwinn

VanderMeer in the Chelsea Hotel, New York City
By Mia Hansen

VanderMeer in the Chelsea Hotel, New York City #1
By Mia Hansen

VanderMeer in the Chelsea Hotel, New York City #2
By Mia Hansen

VanderMeer in the Chelsea Hotel, New York City #3
By Mia Hansen


Free-Use Articles

Writing About Fantastical Cities by Jeff VanderMeer

One night in 1993, I woke up with a vision in my head of a woman in a window and a missionary looking up at her from a crowded street. Every detail had a kind of super-heated intensity to it…

About Jeff VanderMeer by Scott Miller
This spring, Bantam Spectra releases the paperback edition of American indie press icon Jeff VanderMeer’s cult classic City of Saints & Madmen. VanderMeer has come a long way since he put together his first collection, The Book of Frog, in the living room of his apartment in Gainesville, Florida, back in 1988…

About Jeff VanderMeer's Multi-Media "City of Saints & Madmen: A Rough Guide to Ambergris"

Modern Word's Review of City of Saints & Madmen (can be excerpted)

Like the best architects of imaginary cities, VanderMeer has crafted a dark mirror to reflect (and often distort) our own conceptions of reality, bringing into focus the many ways the human imagination attempts to make sense of an often senseless universe…

City of Saints: The Untold Story

The path from writing the stories to finding a publisher to oh-so-elusive publication has been so perilous, so littered with dead-ends and false starts, that it often seemed unlikely it would ever see print, let alone receive so much critical praise and reader appreciation…

Additional Excerpts
(from the website)

In the Hours After Death

In the first hour after death, the room is so still that every sound holds a terrible clarity, like the tap of a knife against glass. The soft pad of shoes as someone walks away and closes the door is profoundly solid—each short footstep weighted, distinct…

The Release of Belacqua

Much about him cried out for attention. Above the black shoes: the long red socks, matched only by the outrageous pink-blue chessboard buttons of his jacket, mimicked in lazy rural fashion by the green eyes on his yellow shirt. His hair—in a twisted red braid (frayed at the end)—hung down in front like the fuse to the bomb of his head…

The Man Who Had No Eyes

There came a day when the gray caps changed the course of the River Moth and flooded the city of Ambergris. At first, people found that life did not change much under the new rulers. It certainly did not change for the most famous writer in Ambergris. Born in the city, he used the city as his palette, bending every word in the world to his will…

Ambergris Bibliography