Tales of the Ten Lost Tribes is a sequence of ten linked stories on the theme of exile and belonging.

Taking its imagery from the legend of the ten tribes of Israel exiled by the Assyrians and lost to the pages of history beyond the River Sambatyon, the novel follows the life-journey of a nameless narrator encountering a series of displaced persons: an uncle whose endless travels seem romantic but are in fact a camouflage for a life of failure and malaise; a professor whose mastery of many languages can never assuage the anguish of his lost mother tongue; a girl student who may literally be invisible; a young man who spends his night hours obsessively writing and rewriting the slim volume he can never finish. With each encounter the narrator inevitably moves on, dreaming of home, unable to resist the lure of the world's labyrinth…

Deeply melancholy with a streak of dark humour, Tales of the Ten Lost Tribes examines the heart of human longing, and asks the question: Where do we belong?

Read a chapter from the novel: Zebulun

Tales of the Ten Lost Tribes will appear in Summer 2007 from Toby Press.

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