Kafka in Brontëland and other stories is a collection of thirteen stories many of which have appeared in various literary journals and anthologies over the past ten years.

The stories range in setting from England to Italy and from childhood to old age, addressing universal themes of identity and displacement, belonging and not belonging, often through the lens of contemporary Jewish experience.

The tales are told through a fusion of irony and pathos, the mythical and the mundane. In Return to Zion a latter-day Jewish Odysseus spends his life planning an intricate journey to the promised land, while in Uncle Oswald a young woman discovers that her profound dislike of her uncle masks hidden truths about herself. In The Other Mr. Perella a man without a past searches the world for possible relatives, while in the title story, a Jew and a Muslim cast adrift in a Yorkshire landscape find momentary sisterhood over a copy of the Koran.

Kafka in Brontëland gives voice to a rich mix of characters living outside traditional patterns of identity in a world of complex migrations and tumultuous change.

Kafka in Brontëland and other stories will be appearing from The Toby Press in spring 2006.

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a chapter from "Tales of the Ten Lost Tribes"

Dr. Stein
short story from Metropolitan


'Return to Zion'
in the Storyville Anthology

'Waiting for Rain'
on Fantastic Metropolis

'Kafka in Brontëland'
on Fantastic Metropolis

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