"[Yellin] is a consummate stylist. Her sentences are to die for."
Jeff VanderMeer

"Ironic, humane and highly accomplished."
Elizabeth Baines,
author and editor, 'Metropolitan.'

Tamar is a writer of novels and short stories whose fiction has appeared in a wide variety of magazines and anthologies including London Magazine, Stand, The Jewish Quarterly, Panurge, Writing Women, Metropolitan, Leviathan Quarterly, Iron, The Third Alternative, The Big Issue, Staple, Nemonymous, Best Short Stories, Leviathan (U.S.), The Slow Mirror and Mordecai's First Brush With Love: New Stories by Jewish Women in Britain.

   Born in the north of England, her mother was the daughter of a Polish immigrant and her father a third generation Jerusalemite. The creative tension between her Jewish heritage and her Yorkshire roots has informed much of her work.

   Inspired by an extraordinary true story from her own family history, The Genizah at the House of Shepher is her first published novel.

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