Born in New Hampshire during the Nixon-Kennedy debates, K.j.a. Wishnia has been an entertainer ever since he discovered an audience at the Blackhall Primary School in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has been a dedicated storyteller since the second grade, when a 1-page story homework assignment blossomed into a 15-page action/adventure tale. He's been refining his style ever since (he no longer misspells "ridiculous").

Ken has studied literature and film at Brown University and San Francisco State University, visual art at the Rhode Island School of Design, has a doctorate in comparative literature from SUNY Stony Brook, and teaches writing and literature at Suffolk County Community College.

He has performed in theater in Paris, New York, and Cuenca, Ecuador. He also does dishes.

After many years of writing for the theater, Ken created Filomena Buscarsela, his favorite character and gender-crossing alter-ego, to fight the crimes that plague the poor and powerless that go unsolved every day in our society.

He spent three years in the Andes, where he married a native Ecuadorian. They now live in New York with their two children.

K.j.a. Wishnia

available now:
23 Shades of Black

forthcoming books:

Soft Money
Glass Factory

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