Pearce Hansen

When Speedy raises from Pelican Bay State Prison, he hitchhikes home to Oakland only to find his little brother, Willy, a homeless crack addict, and his best friend, Fat Bob, bouncing in SF’s underground punk clubs.  When two of their childhood homeboys get wrapped in chains by Mexican Mafia drug dealers and thrown in the American River alive, our heroes somehow get it together enough to plot revenge.  Sure, it maybe takes the edge of Speedy’s game a little when he starts playing house with beautiful phone psychic Carmel.  And it complicates things a bit more when Officer Louis, the same black cop who put Speedy in prison, starts dogging their steps like an unwelcome relative.  But when a racist coven of skinheads comes howling for Speedy and Carmel’s blood, and a serial killer with a monster in his head decides that Speedy is the answer to all his unholy prayers, things get really interesting . . . 



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