Anthony Neil Smith walks the line between pulp and literary writing, forcing them to duke it out on the page. Over twenty of his short stories have been published in lit mags and crime writing zines, and from 1999 to 2004, he was the co-editor/co-creator of the online noir journal Plots with Guns. He's also an associate editor with the highly-regarded literary magazine Mississippi Review's online edition, where's he's put together three special issues featuring crime fiction.

Smith's work has been called "unbearably dark", "creepy", and "too gonzo for the mainstream" by some editors. Sounds about right.

He was born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, is currently living in Minnesota, and wishes he were tucked away in the corner of a New Orleans bar, scribbling like mad with three crayons and a pocket full of quarters for the poker machine.

His first novel is Psychosomatic.

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