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O'Neil De Noux
introduction by James Sallis

Come prowl the lonely, sometimes violent streets of America’s most exotic city, the city that care forgot, New Orleans, with a lone-wolf private eye named Lucien Caye.
Caye lives and works in the run-down New Orleans French Quarter of the late 1940s. Women float in and out of Caye’s life, like the alluring brunette who wants him to bodyguard her while she poses for sexy pictures. Murder is often the name of the game and Caye sometimes leaves town for the gulf coast or the swamps of southern Louisiana in pursuit of the truth, usually aiding a pretty woman in need of help, in more ways than one. Unfortunately, the truth is often ugly, often dangerous and usually resides on the loneliest part of town.

“De Noux's own experience as a New Orleans police officer and his intimate knowledge of the Big Easy's residents, neighborhoods and cemetaries make for compelling stories, both gritty and humane.”

“O’Neil De Noux tells marvelous, compelling lies adrench with the presence and personality of a very particular place...there’s a strong feel for the history of this unique, ever-surprising city; in New Orleans Confidential, with stories set in the late Forties, that sense of history becomes paramount.” JAMES SALLIS, from his introduction


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