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“The Dorothy Parker of Scotland.”
Ken Bruen, author of Priest

“The humour is black, the narrative surreal, the author insane. Helena Handbasket elbowed her way into my fantasy life, replacing several Hollywood starlets at one stroke.”
John Baker, author of White Skin Man

“It’s like having Groucho Marx feeding you one-liners over your shoulder the entire trip. Author Donna Moore’s debut is a laugh-riot of a read.”
Charlie Stella, author of Shakedown

“…Go To Helena Handbasket is a hilarious send up of the mystery genre. Donna Moore, with her trademark wit, has created a fast and funny read. I absolutely devoured it and anxiously await an encore.”
Devoted Fan, Barbara Seranella, author of the Munch Mancini crime novels.

"We all may very well be going to hell in a handbasket, but if we take Donna Moore's riotously funny …Go To Helena Handbasket along for the ride, at least we'll go down laughing. Sam Spade in a skirt on acid."
Reed Farrel Coleman, author of The James Deans

“Bridget Jones meets Raymond Chandler meets Jeffrey Dahmer in …Go To Helena Handbasket, Donna Moore's brilliant absurd romp of a detective novel. Kudos to PointBlank Press for unearthing yet another gem.”
Jason Starr, author of Lights Out

“Donna Moore's debut rattles along at a manic pace. Sharp, snappy and very witty, the story starts at a sprint and never lets up its relentless pace. Moore is definitely one to keep an eye on.”
John Rickards, author of The Touch Of Ghosts

“Sharp, smart and flat out funny. Donna Moore knows the genre, and she knows right where to stick the knife. The comedic debut of the year.”
Victor Gischler, author of Suicide Squeeze

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