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The Exchange

Ribald & Unseemingly Ordering Information...

Regular Edition:

Deluxe Limited Edition:

Although the Exchange is currently sold out, Eric and I are planning a new edition for release later in the year. Scroll down for related merchandise. - Jeff and Eric.

Comments From Decadent, Obsessive, Yet Satiated Readers…

"The Exchange has me charmed! It's size, colors, art are perfect! I adore the cover art (and the back!) with border use and smaller pictures within them - a style I've tried to do before. It's quirky, yet old-fashioned, fine ink work! Love it! The inner art is superb too. Oh, yes, even the subtle color-textures of the cover stock are lovely. How delightful that you thought to do a little gem like this. And the Appoggiatura card - another excellent touch!"
- Scott Thomas, Massachusetts

"Jeanie and I both loved it, and the illustrations were fantastic. The squid edging toward embrace was pretty nice. I was rapt as the story moved along. So bizarre and frightening. I hadn't remembered the unkempt aspect of the old folk's environment, and it made the whole thing somehow more twisted. Subtle! The ads and bibliography were fantastic too."
- Dave Larsen, Iowa

"What a beautiful little scorpion of a book it is. The artwork is exquisite, the whole artifact is a joy."
- Tamar Yellin, England

"It's such an enchanting little book, and what beautiful illustrations."
- Jessica Treat, USA

A Detailed Explanation of this Extraordinarily Odd Yet Sumptuous Offering…

For seven years, Jeff VanderMeer has been writing about the fantastical city of Ambergris. Last year, one of his Ambergris novellas won a World Fantasy Award. Now, in an amazing breakthrough, Jeff and fellow adventurer Eric Schaller, an illustrator, have actually managed to visit Ambergris during the annual Festival of the Freshwater Squid. Every year at this time, Ambergris' main publisher, Hoegbotton & Sons, prints a special Festival booklet, complete with a sumptuously-illustrated festival-related story. Jeff and Eric have managed to bring back, from across the meaningless void that separates the real and the unreal, copies of this year's Hoegbotton & Sons' booklet, The Exchange.

Now you can have your own copy of the artifact:

The Exchange Regular Edition: The booklet, in an elegant envelope with squid stamp, and an Appoggiatura sheet. (limited to 300 copies).

The Exchange, Deluxe Limited Edition: A box with Hoegbotton & Son's insignia containing the booklet, a letter from H&S' management, and several items traditionally used during the Festival - a candle, mushrooms, a message pellet, etc. (limited to 100 copies, signed and numbered).
These are very low prices if you add in the psychological and physical costs of the expedition. Jeff, who cannot stop flexing his fingers like ungainly tentacles, has had recurring nightmares in which he is made to waltz with giant squid, underwater. Eric, meanwhile, can draw nothing but squid, usually in a Soviet socialist mural style that quite unnerves both him and the squid.

Oddly enough, the story in The Exchange mimics VanderMeer's writing style, and the illustrations mimic Eric's style. "We have come to believe," Jeff says, "that our world may, in fact, be a shadow of Ambergris, and we are only shades of a far more wondrous place than this..."

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Please contact Eric Schaller at egs@cisunix.unh.edu for questions regarding art or production of The Exchange. Jeff VanderMeer can be contacted at vanderworld@hotmail.com.

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